I am trying to migrate/create mailbox of a user from one Zimbra installation (A) to another Zimbra installation (B).

I just want to know if this is possible.

Basically, i have the backup of all mailboxes from A. The backup is in the raw format (as in the one from the /backup folder).

Then, i would like to use this data to do a mailbox migration from A to B. I will do it by dumping the backup data to a temp folder in B. Then, run a zmrestore on each mailbox that I want to restore. With this, I expect that I will be able to create the mailboxes in B. While doing however, I got the ff. errors. Will zimbra not auto create the missing directories in /opt/zimbra/store? If I create the missing folders manually, will there be any issue?

I am trying to achieve a scenario to migrate mailboxes from A to B wherein customer is not able to give the mailbox data via REST URL or the like but is able to give the raw /backup content.

Error encountered as below.

Error occurred: system failure: link(/opt/zimbra/store/0/59/msg/0/1084-2186.msg, /opt/zimbra/store/0/59/msg/0/1084-2186.msg): No such file or directory

Thanks in advance.
- Det