hi all

I'm currently using EC2 Amazon instant-store (ip-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-amazon.internal) to run ZCS open-sourced version. Things are running okay. However, I'd like t convert that to EBS for better performance. I spawned another EBS instance (ip-yyy-yyy-yyy-yyy-amazon.internal) on EC2 with same image, same kernel with the current ZCS server

1. shutdown ZCS on old server (ip-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-amazon.internal)
2. install 'dummy' version of ZCS on new server (./install.sh -s) - yes - i made use they're using the same version of ZCS.
3. copy old server /opt/zimbra to new server /opt/zimbra
4. run ./install.sh to upgrade on new server

HOWEVER, look like, on new server, it's still look for the OLD server ip-xx-xxx-xxx
Am i issing anything?