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Thread: migration user account between two servers

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    Default migration user account between two servers

    hi there
    I'm using amazon EC2 at the moment to host zimbra open-source ZCS 6.0 version.

    I've followed » Zimbra :: Blog to complete the migration and things seems to work fine. However, there are several things that I can't find any answer

    1. account from old zimbra-server doesn't work. It shows in the admin GUI, but its settings seem like still pointing to back to the OLD zimbra-server. Consequently, I can't edit it or log-in to send/receive email.
    2. If I create new account on the new server, then things work just fine.

    Have I missed any crucial step??

    Any insight will be great!!

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    If you are moving your whole Zimbra setup to a new server, you also need to update your DNS/MX records so that they send mail to the new server. Have you done that also? Using the instructions at the website you referenced, the server names (old and new) must have the same name, also.
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    I understand DNS/MX records as something like or
    If that's the case, then I've done that. I've actually removed the old-server out of the network, and plugged the new-server into the same network with the same public-IP-address.

    HOWEVER, one thing bothers me is that both old-server and new-server resides on amazon EC2
    Old-server has server-name as
    New-server has server-name as

    new-server is running okay. I created new account and things work great. Only those migrated/copied accounts from old-server still maintain their "connections" to ip-xxx-xxx-xxx-us-west-1.compute.internal

    I feel that I've been close to the final solution; only to upgrade the old accounts with new server-name. I thought zmsetservername should have done that though.

    Thanks for helping!!

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    I simply shutdown the old-server and remove it out of the network. Then, I plugged the new server into the same network and same IP address. That should do the DNS/MX part.

    One thing bothers me is that old-server and new-server reside on EC2 amazon. Old-server has hostname New-server has hostname

    The new-server is running okay. I created new account on new-server and it's operational.
    However, only those old accounts (copied from old-server) don't work. They still "point" to the old-server (

    I thought zmsetservername should have fixed that?

    Any insight will be great!!!

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