Dear Forum

I am introducing the Zimbra 7.0.1 NE to one of my client. After I have finished migrating the emails from MS Exchange I have created two resources: a CAR and a PROJECTOR. Both type was EQUIPMENT. I decided to change the address of RESOURCE from resource@domain.tld to resource@domain2.tld. In the end I have deleted all these two resources for a reason, but now the problem is even though I can not see them listed under the resource accounts the clients still can find them.
So now I have two ghost accounts that I can not find anywhere in the system. I looked for them in the account, aliases, distribution list and resources menu, but I couldn't find them anywhere. Tried the zmprov gacr command but still nothing. The only way to see them when a client(html or ajax) searches for resources in the appointment editing.
Two more strange phenomenon:
- any resource that I now create the cliens wouldn't see
- if I search under admin account I can not find these ghost resources, but the users will see them (so everything is fine under the admin account)

Anyone has any idea what causes all this? Is there any data base indexing option or anything that could fix this problem?
It would be a huge job to reinstall the whole thing, so any help would be very much appreciated.