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Thread: extra option for zmmailboxmove?

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    Question extra option for zmmailboxmove?

    I've been happily using zmmailboxmove to move some users off of a Zimbra server onto a new Zimbra mailbox server. Everything was hunky-dory until I hit a user's LARGE mailbox.

    I discovered, after filling up the /opt/zimbra partition, that zmmailboxmove uses scratch space under that directory to build up the account file to transfer, and only when it's built does it do the transfer. I'm on a logical volume...but due to circumstance, I'm unable to grow the partition to accommodate this user.

    Is there a way to direct zmmailboxmove to use a different scratch space? If not, is there a sane/simple way to transfer a user's account to a mailbox server without using zmmailboxmove or causing this user or me any undue pain?

    mike r.

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    Try adding "--tempDir <dir>" to the zmmailboxmove command. That will allow you to provide a new location for the temporary files.
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    No good:

    zimbra@zimbra:~$ zmmailboxmove --tempDir /mnt/zmmm -a some_account@zimbra.dom.ain -t new_server.dom.ain
    Error parsing command line arguments: Unrecognized option: --tempDir

    My profile, version, etc. is correct. Somebody loan me a clue! :-)

    mike r.

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