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Thread: change the path of default backup

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    Default change the path of default backup

    I need to change the default path of the backup because it took much space,so the zimbra server can access a windows-share

    its path as follow :


    when I changed the path of the backup on my zimbra test server ,it displayed the following error

    Backup target is invalid. Please check the path to the backup target. Message: Invalid backup target: Backup target /opt/zimbra/smb:/root@ does not exist Error code: backup.INVALID_BACKUP_TARGET Method: BackupQueryRequest Details:soap:Sender

    what can I do

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    did you try mounting the filesystem locally and giving the mountpoint to your ZCS install?

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    the volume shared uing samba is already mounted as when I righ click it there is an option to unmount it,so I tried to mount nfs volume and it was successful

    and a backup has taken place but I'm afraid that a changing the backup path will have other effects that i can't know it

    is there any effect of changing the default path

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