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Thread: only 3 days of backups

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    Default only 3 days of backups

    Ok, so I already have 2 other disaster recovery systems setup for my zimbra server, so in order to save space on the premium storage my zimbra server resides on, i would like to only keep 1 full and to incremental backups. Basically 3 days worth of backups. Any recommendations on how to set it? Ive been checking out zmbackup and zmschedulebackup, but im still not sure what I should do. Its probably because I need sleep. =P

    I tried doing a cron with /opt/zimbra/bin/zmbackup -del 3d, but that obviously only keeps the 3 newest incremental backups, so without a full backup, they are pretty much worthless, right?

    Anyone want to help me map this out? I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks!

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    It's not enough to delete your old backups. If you only want to keep 3 days worth of backups you must change your backup schedule according to the chosen retention time. In your case you probably need to schedule a full backup every other day. The backup schedule can be altered with zmschedulebackup: CLI zmschedulebackup Network Edition only - Zimbra :: Wiki or by changing the zimbra crontab via crontab -e as the zimbra user.
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