I do not know if this is the correct forum. I have a corporate client who has fairly straight-forward requirements. They have only around 1000 messages a day (including spam), but many of the ham messages have large attachments (>5M).

They are a pure Debian shop for servers, but are considering installing RH in order to use Zimbra.

Question: What is the stability. I see it is beta code. Actually, I don't trust RH for production, so what is the stability of RedHat now days.

Can the system handle a lot of large attachments. The current system stores its e-mail in a single file (old style), and simply indexing a dozen messages means the webmail must scan through 12-60 Meg of file just to get the headers. Does Zimbra handle this in a database, or in Maildir, or both.

Finally, where can I find a list of outstanding bugs.

I would rather wait until Zimbra matures, especially until it can be ported to Debian, but the UI is excellent (I'm jealous, and want to scan your code to see how you did it), and just what the client needs, so if I can get a warm fuzzy off of it, I will bite the bullet, create an RH server and install. Otherwise, I'll tell the client to wait.

I would greatly appreciate any input.