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Thread: One incomplete backup breaks the whole tree?

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    Default One incomplete backup breaks the whole tree?

    We are currently doing our nightly/full backups to a network share which is then backed up. This share filled during a zmbackup run for two of our servers. This resulted in zmbackupquery telling us we had an incomplete backup. Deleting this particular backup from the sessions directory seems to have made no difference. Running a zmbackupquery now results in this:

    "Error occurred: system failure: Backup set may be incomplete"

    Running it with -d provides no additional information. We ran a successful full last night but can't use the query tool to see it, on either of these servers. How do we get around this? Is it intended that one broken backup would basically make the query tool useless? Does one broken backup also affect the ability to restore from any of the previous or later backups?

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    This is not by design. If it really is the case then it is a bug. If you are missing an incremental backup you will need to do a full backup to get a valid point to run further incremental backups. Please send an email to and one of the support engineer's can help you determine exactly what happened and if the tool has a bug.
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    Default Same Problem on 4.05

    Has this problem been resolved? I'm in the middle of trying to restore an account and getting the same results. This is on Network Edition.

    Cam Johnson

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