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Thread: Nightmare - need to make secondary server the master in multiserver configuration

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    Default Nightmare - need to make secondary server the master in multiserver configuration

    I have a 2 server Zimbra 6.0.12 installation that has worked well for years (starting with ZCS 5).

    We had a power outage today. The LDAP master with the mail accounts is a VM in a server with mirrored disks on a UPS. Everything worked properly, as it has many times before.

    However, even though the other 5 VMs were perfect, the Zimbra server's disk image was all messed up. And here's the worst part; I thought that I had a tar backup, but for some reason that I can't understand, the /opt directed didn't get backed up. Bottom line; I lost this machine.

    However, the secondary server is fine. Is there any way that I can reconfigure the secondary server to be the master? I can then install a new secondary server.

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