Question, we are using the HSM and we do not have a "lot" of storage space on the "store" partitions. We would like to use the Briefcase in addition to mail. However, since we do not have a lot of space on store, but we do have a lot of space on the HSM, can we move the Briefcase to the HSM somehow (e.g. by using the policy string in the admin console and setting the briefcase for a low value, like one day)?

Also, this is a point on confusion. On the HSM page it clearly has check boxes for "Messages" and "Documents". On the COS pages, it clearly has a checkbox for "Mail" and "Documents" and "Briefcase". Are documents and briefcase the same thing? If they are not the same thing, how are they different? I have searched the web and forums and could not find a clear and recent answer to this.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.