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Thread: New Zimbra 7.1.0 install

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    Default New Zimbra 7.1.0 install

    old 1G RAM 80G HD 2.5Ghz CPU Kerio Mailserver 6.

    Just installed zimbra on centos 5.6 and doing some test.
    2G RAM 160G HD 3Ghz CPU

    Godady - // backup email server mx 10
    mail2 A

    /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost mail.mydomain.lan mail

    search mydoamin.lan
    search mail.mydomain.lan

    see attach! for split-dns-config

    i have 2 domain
    mail.mydomain.lan <- this was created automatically after the install of zimra <- i added this one.

    a) how can i make the main and only domain?
    b) how can i tell zimbra to use a smtp server & port for outgoing emails?

    1) How ca i stop zimbra from sending message about a account that does not exist? and just remove that email, so that spammer can't use my mailserver for relay.

    2) How can i stop zimbra from sending message to the sender about attachment been remove from email and only send that message to the recipient and just move them to a "" account? like zip files.

    3) How do you setup spam filters for zimbra? i don't see s spam tab on my or the mail.mydomain.lan, how do you tell zimbra what spam databse to use, and how to hangle any if it find them?

    4) How to you tell zimbra to use a godady email server? as i use godady as a backup, if i lose internet connection all emails will go to godady, then i can retrieve them ones my inet is back?

    5) How do i make a cert for each domain on my server?

    6) I have a virtualhost on call, but it is not getting any mails? or is there a way to setup domain aliases?

    6a) How can i make emails send to goto

    7) i have a lot more questions!!!!, these will do for now!
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