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Thread: Sync Blocked senders list (max 100)

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    Question Sync Blocked senders list (max 100)

    Hi Guys 'n Girls

    I have a problem with my Outlook Sync.

    It comes up with a sync error and a message:
    Maximum number of Blocked Senders exceeded (max is 100)
    How do I increase this?

    Kind regards
    Aubrey Kloppers

    ps1: - I have found the GA value (zimbraMailBlacklistMaxNumEntries) of 100, but where do I increase this for all the mail users?

    ps2: - even further on this - doing a:
    zmprov md <domain> zimbraMailBlacklistMaxNumEntries 1000
    gives me:
    ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: LDAP schema violation: [LDAP: error code 65 - attribute 'zimbraMailBlacklistMaxNumEntries' not allowed])
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    You can change that at the account level, or the COS level.

    zmprov ma zimbraMailBlacklistMaxNumEntries 1000
    zmprov mc cosname zimbraMailBlacklistMaxNumEntries 1000
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