Good day lads,

I have a task to migrate our zimbra to a new server:

Our current production server is:
Zimbra 6.0.8, Ubuntu 8.04 64x. (RAID1)
Our new server is:
Ubuntu 10.04 64x (RAID10)

Now what i want to do is:

1.) Stop zimbra 6.0.8 do a cold rsync -avzH to a new Ubuntu 10.04 /opt/zimbra_restore
2.) Shutdown Zimbra 6.0.8
3.) Make sure ip/hostname/all resolving and working on Ubuntu 10.04 (/etc/hosts, hostname, ip are all exactly the same as zimbra 6.0.8 server)
3.1) Install dependencies libperl5.10 libltdl7
4.) do a dummy install of 6.0.8 ubuntu 10.04 (./ -s)
5.) Remove /opt/zimbra
6.) Rename zimbra_restore into /opt/zimbra
7.) Run from root zmfixperms -extended
8.) Run ./ with Zimbra 6.0.8 Ubuntu 10.04 (skip integrity check)
9.) Then upgrade from 6.0.8 to 7.1.0

Or should i after step 7 upgrade straight to 7.1.0? Any1 had experience in this kind of tasks?