Zimbra LDAP could be a great tool to overcome our need for a central user repository and authentication target.

I've been searching through the forums, and found many requests to make GAL and LDAP "useful", but no solutions...

As I see it, GAL / LDAP should be "manageable" by anyone, so:
* users should be able to view it as an address book (in Outlook, GAL is not displayed as a separate address book, and doesn't updates fields in the user record - can this be a bug?)
* every user should be able to update they own contact record (can only be done if they are admin!)

A number of "assigned" requests are in bugzilla, but no solutions yet...

Alternatives could be to create a web-based LDAP browser... Did anyone found one that integrates with Zimbra?

This is the best article I found so far, to take advantage of Zimbra's LDAP: http://techgurulive.com/2008/09/05/h...h-sambazimbra/