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Thread: How do I see shared documents?

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    Default How do I see shared documents?

    I've managed to get the documents feature up and running. I can login as the notebook user, create documents under the Notebook wiki. I can right-click and share the wiki just fine. I can do this as any user on my domain. Every user has docs enabled. I also gave every user read/write access.

    So I create a document as any user, right-click, and share it. I try to refresh, logout/login as any other user and they do not see any of the shared documents. What am I doing wrong here?

    I have not found a lot of documenation on the usage of this feature. The wiki explains how to setup users, the PDF explains what the documents feature is, but I cannot get this working at all.

    I imagine it is something really simple since I do not see any posts on the forums. Or I'm misunderstanding the use of this feature.

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    What options did you give it when you created the share? Did you send a mail and did any users get the mail? Which version/release of Zimbra?


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    I used zimbra 4.0.2 rhel4. The functio works after the selected users accept the email invitation to join the shared docs.

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