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    Default Backup MX Server

    Hi all,

    I have a Zimbra open source mail server running in my company as a backup mail server and his working fine, now I want to start transferring some mail accounts from my primary mail server to zimbra, the objective is to replace the primary server by zimbra without causing a major impact in business activity.
    To do this, I just delete the account of the user that I want to start using zimbra in my primary server, and the same server correctly send all emails to the existing account in zimbra (backup server) , but I have a problem all emails coming of my primary mail server to the this account is send to SPAM folder, I add my primary mail server address in the domain Inbound SMTP host name of zimbra but it didn’t work.
    This is happening with all accounts that I deleted in my primary server to start using zimbra.
    Can someone tell how can I correct this problem, or if there is a better way to accomplish my objective.

    Thank you very much

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    No need to dele them just make a forwarder to the internal server for every user you are migrating

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