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Thread: what are the bugs fixed by 4.0.2?

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    Default what are the bugs fixed by 4.0.2?

    Hi kevinH

    I refer to your posting in Announcement.

    What are bugs fixed by 4.0.2?

    I cannot find any release notes for Zimbra 4 on the website,
    and I don't want to download the 150MB Zimbra to find out.

    Okay, I have found the release notes on the website, but it only lists the major bugs fixed and not all the 104 bugs fixed in 4.

    Thank you.

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    Default 4.0.2 has been released
    We shipped 4.0.2 tonight. It fixes 104 issues that represent 43 support
    cases. Some of the bigger features/issues addressed were:
    - Ubuntu FOSS release
    - Promotion of FC5 FOSS to GA
    - perf improvements for IMAP
    - > 2GB support in the ZCO
    - i18n and some l10n for the ZCO
    - disabling AS/AV causes mail deferral
    - cursor fails to appear in Firefox
    - mailbox quota page does not contain any entries
    - many all day event bugs
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    Default Use the Advanced Search in Bugzilla

    Use the Advanced Search in Bugzilla

    Select the version and resolution "fixed".


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