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Thread: Resource-Location not being deleted from appointments

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    Default Resource-Location not being deleted from appointments

    We have a setup where we use resources, and more specifically, locations. Our example would be that we have a group called X, they have a number of resources (of type location) that are under one persons management. If person A schedules a meeting and uses location L, and then the manager goes in and sees that location L at that time is in conflict (or they just want to delete it), and deletes it, it will NOT be deleted from person A's calendar.

    tl/dr, use a location in a meeting, manager or someone else deletes location, it is still in use on everyone else's calendar.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this work from the managers calendar? Or anyones?
    (e.g., they delete the location, and it is totally removed from the meeting and from everyones

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