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Thread: What on EARTH is going on?

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    Default What on EARTH is going on?

    Trying to trackdown the cause of several complaints of a "slow email server," I noticed that on our Mac, every once in a while I get a java process that pops up claiming that it's using 12 MILLION TB. Huh? I tracked the process and something is running java -version every once in a while as the zimbra user. What is this? Can it be disabled?

    And unrelated completely to Zimbra but related to the server's response time I disabled Open Directory and Active Directory; the mail server has its own LDAP db and doesn't need to be bound to anything else, which made DirectoryService quit being such a big CPU hog.

    And I don't know if this one was related or not, but AppleTalk of all things was turned on over our 2 bound 1000BaseT Ethernet ports. Heaven knows why. Turned that off too.
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