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Thread: Delete a broken mailbox

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    Default Delete a broken mailbox

    Hi all,

    we are using zimbra 7.1.0, open source version.

    A mailbox on my system got broken, and it seems that there is no way of deleting it.

    I tried with the web interface, and also from command line. The result is the same: the mailbox is "in maintenance" and can't be deleted. I also tried to put the mailbox back online prior of the deletion, with no luck.

    Any advice for this inconvenience?

    Tnx for your help!

    Alessio Focardi

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    What do logs say when you try to acces that mailbox?

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    Basically mailbox can't be accessed from the web interface, upon deletion I get this error:

    Messaggio: system failure: deleting mailbox 203 Codice di errore: service.FAILURE Method: [unknown] Dettagli:soap:Receiver

    Should I have a look on a particular log file?


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