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Thread: Changing default domain

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    Default Changing default domain


    I have to change my main domain from, let's say, "A" to "B".

    During installation I always used domain "A" - server and Zimbra are configured for it. For example, in Server Settings (Zimbra Administration Console) there is the Name of Service Server pointing to "hostname.A" domain.

    I don't know exactly what variables in Debian and Zimbra configuration I need to change to provide 100% functionality after this migration.
    What I know/guess is the need of:
    - DNS reconfiguration
    - /etc/hosts file edition
    - changes in Zimbra Administration Console (regarding to new domain)

    Please help me to specify what files and configuration have to be changed to have this done right.

    Thanks, Michal.

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    You might want to read up on the following articles before you make any changes (always take a full backup of the /opt/zimbra directory before making these changes):

    ZmSetServerName - Zimbra :: Wiki +"rename domain" +zmprov +solved - Yahoo! Search Results


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