We are in the process of upgrading to Zimbra 7.1. To test the upgrade process we upgraded our test environment 6.0.12 multi-server installation to 7.1. We would like to take advantage of the per-domain ssl feature in 7.0 so we installed zimbra-proxy. It was initially installed on the LDAP Master/mailbox server but we decided to move it to the MTA/LDAP-replica server. The proxy was configured using the steps from http://www.zimbra.com/docs/ne/latest...html%231103226 "Setting Up IMAP/POP Proxy With Separate Proxy Node". After these steps we are unable to login with IMAP/POP through the proxy server. Reconfiguring the clients to connect directly to the mailbox server using the ports 7143 and 7110 works fine.

From looking at /opt/zimbra/log/nginx.log I can see that the clients are connecting to the proxy server but there are no indications in the mailbox.log or audit.log that the user is trying to login. I have also checked the nginx configuration files and everything seams to be in place.

Any idea why zimbra-proxy is not working? Any help is greatly appreciated.