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    Default Categories Local and External Emails

    Hi Guys,

    Want to check this out. Check zimbra configure such a way that i have a group of users that only allow to sent mails to local users but not external users like hotmail yahoo and so on. Also, another group of users can actually send both internal & external mail. Pls Advise


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    Count me in on this one, too!

    I can't tell you the number of times I've wished for ways to limit people at work who think their job is to be a professional email forwarder, and who in fact don't need access to emails outside our local domains. I want to block outside access to these folk, and I want to block their access to the outside world using the company email domain. They can use yahoo, etc. for that, and I can manage that nicely, thank you.

    As near as I can tell about 20% of my email server bandwidth - not network bandwidth - is used up in handling spam, which is largely brought on by professional emailers. These are the same people who have an OCD to open every email that comes their way, and who in turn bring most of the worms and viruses inside our doors. Admittedly, my opinion, but it's not without objective thought and reflection.

    Please help!

    Zimbra is a slick and worthy deal to enable messaging and collaboration. But I gotta tell you that I also need help managing and monitoring professional emailers. This feature would be a start.

    Another way I need help is to get a report of all user accounts and include columns for # emails sent, MB sent, # emails received, MB received. An hourly graph would be a killer addition. There's other stats, too. How can I get this stuff?

    Hey, big brother is not watching. Big brother wanted to micro manage peoples lives. We'd just like to ask the professional emailers to earn their 8 hours - or at least most of it. Some real world controls would go a long way to helping us monitor this stuff better.

    Exit soapbox.

    Thanks for listening.

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