We have an OSE install that was "downgraded" from NE about a year ago, and have a lot of redo logs in ~zimbra/redolog/archive/redo-{date}-{seq}.log, each around 1.1G. This is currently using quite a lot of space and I'd like to clear it out (or possibly just prevent it from happening).

As far as I understand, the NE restore process will use these for restoring from the NE backups. Are they any use on a OSE install? I see that redo.log is open and used, but the others seem to be part of the NE backup system.

Can anyone tell me if its safe to get rid of all of these, and is it safe to disable them completely (ideas on how to do this welcome, `zmprov mcf zimbraRedoLogEnabled FALSE` has been suggested for this, though the post referencing it was from 2005).