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    We have several problems with personnal distribution lists.
    We are in 7.1.0 version of ZCS.

    • When a user click on "To" button, and selects a list, Zimbra says that the address is not correct and asks if he wants to pass trough send the message.
    • Sometimes distributions lists are automaticaly saved in contacts of the user after he sent a message to it. When after, he use it with the autocomplete method, two lists appear, one of them works, not the other or if the first works, we cannot be shure that it's the last version of the list (what happen when a user modify his list : which one is the good one ?).

    So my questions are : why this is the list itself that is saved in the cache of autocompletion or in "Personnes contactées par mail" ? It would be better if a pointer on this list would be save instead ? Is it possible to disable the cache of autocompletion ?

    Thanks for help
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