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Thread: Zimbra Open source - Redo Logs erased

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    Default Zimbra Open source - Redo Logs erased


    I have a doubt about redo logs in open source zimbra.

    I am testing Zimbra Open Source 7.01 at ubuntu 10.04 OS. I observed that redo logs are automatically erased when mailbox is stopped using zmmailboxdctl stop or zmcontrol stop.

    Open source zimbra erases redo logs after mailboxd to be stopped. Thus it is not possible to backup redo logs (including current redo log in use) once these log will be erased when mailbox is stopped.

    Such behavior does not allow save redo logs in order to prevent system failure after a full backup of mail store directory.

    Is it correct?

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    Check "zmprov getServer"

    Check for these items:

    zimbraRedoLogDeleteOnRollover: FALSE
    zimbraRedoLogEnabled: TRUE
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    Hi Krishopper

    Thank you for helpfull suport.
    It works

    zimbraRedoLogDeleteOnRollover was TRUE and I have reconfigured FALSE.

    Is there any specific comand to explicitally Delete RedoLog (operations commited) after full data backup? Or just should I execute command rm to delete files in archive directory?

    Thanks again

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    I have observed this information about zimbraRedoLogDeleteOnRollover is not shown in Zimbra Admin Guide (both open source and networK).

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