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Thread: Problem Sending & Receiving Attachment Over 3 MB

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    Question Problem Sending & Receiving Attachment Over 3 MB


    I have a problem on one of our mail server, Zimbra 7.1.0 on SLES 11 SP1 64 bit. It need a long time to processing message with attachment over 3 MB. If I look at the queue manager on Zimbra Admin, message stuck on Amavis content filter (port 10024).

    I have 10 MB of max mta size setup. Attachment are pdf file.

    Is there any solution to resolve the problem?

    Note :

    Searching over Google and found some suggestion regarding smtp_data timeout

    How can I modify the following entry on postfix (assume that will automatically reload & created by Zimbra)
    smtp_data_done_timeout = 600s
    smtp_data_init_timeout = 120s
    smtp_data_xfer_timeout = 600s
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    Thank you for that link. I've been looking for exactly that for several weeks now. I updated my value by

    postconf -e smtp_data_xfer_timeout=600s
    Ran a postfix reload, then ran a

    postconf|grep smtp_data
    To ensure that my value remained changed after a reload. It did, hopefully this will solve my timeout issue with Yahoo.

    I believe if you try to edit directly, the default values will override your changes on your next postfix reload.

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