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Thread: [SOLVED] How to delete shared calendar from all ?

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    Default [SOLVED] How to delete shared calendar from all ?

    We created a calender for location and now we would like to delete this particular calender from all user accounts. we use zcs ne 6.02 .

    the way i create calenders for users is this :

    /opt/zimbra/bin//zmmailbox -z -m meetingroom modifyFolderGrant /Calendar account my.account r
    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmailbox -z -m my.account createMountpoint --view appointment "/MeetingRoom Calendar" meetingroom /Calendar

    the "my.account" is individuals account on zimbra. so the calender gets added to their list of calenders this way.

    How to delete this calender from all users ?


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    anything ?

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    Sorry about the late reply. Removing a mount point is the same thing as deleting a folder--just as in ZWC.

    I.e., if you want to remove the mount point, your command would be

    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmailbox -z -m my.account deleteFolder "/MeetingRoom Calendar"

    If someone is logged into ZWC while you do this, the mountpoint will get a strikethrough in the folder list (instead of going away completely) but none of the appointments on it will be visible. After the person logs out and logs in, the mountpoint will be gone.

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