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Thread: enkive integration

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    Default enkive integration

    Hi all

    Im trying to get enkive to play nice with our zimbra install and falling on what I think may be the last hurdle. Enkive is set up and correctly receiving mail, I can search etc fine. Ive set up enkive on a separate box because I dont want it running on the same box as zimbra. I dont really want to use always_bcc as Im worried about problems with bounces etc if the archive box fails.

    Can anyone recommend a way to get all mail into a separete enkive box from zimbra without failure of the enkive box risking any mess ups on the zimbra box? Ive been thinking of just doing a filter in postfix that passes to the enkive-socket-filter, then back to postfix, but not 100% sure how I can make this fail quietly either. The enkive box has its own postfix that will consume any message sent to it, so some kind of duplicated transport might also work.

    Any suggestions/tips/docs welcome!

    PS, Ive had a look at mailarchiva, and it seems nice but the free version seems a bit too crippled.

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    In Reply to Original Post by captainmish:
    Can You tell me what configuration you did so as to get the mail from the Zimbra into Enkive.
    I am using Zimbra 7.0 and have installed Enkive 0.8 succesfully but the configuration for getting mail from the zimbra server (remotely located) is pendng[tried but is not working] - can you please tell how to proceed further

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