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Thread: Compressing Zimbra Directory for Backup

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    Default Compressing Zimbra Directory for Backup

    I have my zimbra directory RSYNCed to another directory as a backup. I want to compress the backup directory into a file that will preserve all permissions, symlinks, hardlinks, and everything else necessary to keep zimbra operational.

    Someone told me to look into using TAR for this. I checked the MAN page and see lots of different options for that command. Does anyone know the necessary options needed in the TAR command to properly archive zimbra into a single file?

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    rsync -azv will do the job..look here

    How to Backup Linux? 15 rsync Command Examples

    I'm backing up using rsync to other standby server.

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    if you need to compress Zimbra directory with tar, you just need a command line like:
    tar -jcvf /tmp/zimbraarchive.tar.bz2 /opt/zimbra
    -j ... compress with bzip2
    -c ... create
    -v ... verbose, prints each file processed, but you can miss some errors in the output (optional)
    -f <file> ... name of archive file

    Adjust the names and paths for your needs.
    An archive like this can then be restored (into current working directory) with
    tar -jxvpf /tmp/zimbraarchive.tar.bz2
    -x ... extract
    -p ... preserve permissions when extracting

    Ofcourse Zimbra has to be down to be able to archive a consistent and restorable state. Or use some kind of volume snapshoting for example with LVM, but that's a bit advanced stuff.

    Hope this helps.
    Michal Belica - IT consultant

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Ofcourse Zimbra has to be down to be able to archive a consistent and restorable state.
    I work-around this by rsyncing to local storage first, then tar-ing to the remote backup server. The steps I user are:

    - rsync to local (live)
    - Stop ZCS
    - rsync to local (down)
    - Start ZCS
    - TAR local rsync copy to remote storage

    I know that doubles the storage requirements on my ZCS box but it minimises downtime and also means that if something goes wrong I can be back up and running in a few line at the CLI; move the broken ZCS out of the way, rename the backup copy, fixperms and restart!

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