Dear All,

I am totally novice to zimbra and this my 3rd post since I installed zimbra abt 3weeks ago zimbra edition 7.1.0 open source

let me say zimbra is a great product and the most important things the support in this forum is just fabulous .

Now this above problem that i have been facing is populated in this forums specially one by havaria n has almost 55 replies that the server stats shows red. everything else is working fine

let me explain in more detail

actually we just testing zimbra before we try to move our existing setup and before we go in for NE version

as I mentioned earlier I installed open source zimbra on a server with very low config for test and everything worked fine..

week latter I managed to get a better hardware and installed another new ZCS open source and everything went perfect.

its been running abt a week when just yesterday night i noticed that the server status shows all red

going through the forums and googlin around the whole day could not achieve any luck

i tried all that is mentioned in the replies in the thread started by havaria but no luck

like generating new ssh keys , updating with zmupdateauthkeys, checking the rights in /opt/zimbra/zmstat , n comparing the file with the other zcs server ( since my first server is working perfect) checking and comparing the /var/spool/cron/zimbra file is not empty , restart zimbra with zmcontrol restart , and even restarting the machine etc but no luck

right now I have 2 ZCS servers ( was lucky i did not format my older server so i can still compare) the older server working fine and the new server shows all red in status

Now was just recalling what the last thing i could have done is what i know is i logged into the ZCS server with ssh from another machine and it asked me the standard thing of if you want to generate the new keys and said yes..
but this should not be the problem since I logged into my centos 5.5 machine

is there any files, process or something i could compare with my older machine where zimbra server stats are working fine or something.

would really appreciate your ideas and replies