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Thread: [SOLVED] zmrestore with target '-t'

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    Default [SOLVED] zmrestore with target '-t'

    I am trying to restore an account from a backup that's stored in my secondary drive (was copied over when default backup target was exhausted). This is not in my default zimbra backup drive so I am trying to restore the account with -t switch that specifies the target location from where it should search out the backup. But it is not working as it should be.

    Tried the following orders

    $ zmrestore -ca -a -pre new_ -t /zimbra/sessions
    Error occurred: invalid request: Account map file /zimbra/sessions/accounts.xml is missing. Specify a full backup label to restore from.

    $ zmrestore -ca -a -pre new_ -t /zimbra/sessions -lb full-20110411.151402.024
    Error occurred: backup full-20110411.151402.024 not found

    Backing up through front end is broken, so pls don't tell me that. I am trying cli. Tried giving -t alone, and with -lb. Can someone please verify this?

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    I managed to restore it by specifying the mount point of the secondary drive where it was stored. As follows ..

    zmrestore -ca -a -pre new_ -lb full-20110411.151402.024 -t /zimbra

    /zimbra is where the disk was mounted and within it was the 'sessions' directory that I created to keep backups (like how zimbra deals with the default backup target).
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