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Thread: [SOLVED] Incoming messages slow MTA

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    Default [SOLVED] Incoming messages slow MTA

    Good Morning,

    I'm having a problem receiving email. Internal email is fine but it takes it about 2 hours for an external email to actually get into a users inbox. First I thought it was my spam filter so I turned the spam filter off but I still have the same results. I'm running Zimbra FOSS 6.0.6_GA_2324 on Ubuntu 8.04 and it has been running without any problems for over 2 years now. I didn't make any network changes and network speed is up to par. Does anyone have any ideas?



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    Most probably it is a combination of your server's Greylisting, which temporary rejects all new messages for approx. 10 minutes. The sending server - if configured corectly - should resend the same message within retry schedule, which is something like few times every 5 minutes, then every 30 minutes, and if not success, retry every hour or two for next 3 days.

    So, it must be sending server having either some not recommended retry schedule setup, or it is somehow incompatible with greylisting (whatever that would mean).

    Is your issue each time from the same sending server? Or is it general 2 hours delay for all mail, regardless of origin?

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    It turned out to be a DNS issue. DNS1 had failed; it looks like it was trying to route every message through DNS1 and they were individually timing out. Once DNS1 came back up it was speedy again.

    Hopefully this helps someone in the future..


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