We are migrting from a hosted Zimbra solution (01.com - Zimbra Network Professional Edition version 6.0.12) to an internal Zimbra server (Zimbra Open 6.0.5_GA_2213.DEBIAN5_64).

Everyone except our CEO migrated fine. He has 13GB of email (uncompressed, the exported TGZ is about 7.5GB). It has been uploading through the web UI for over a week. The import button is still grayed out, but the admin console says there is no email at all in his account (0 MB of 0 MB). This is my 3rd attempt importing his email using the UI from the TGZ file exported from 01.com.

Is there a way to do this where I can transfer the TGZ file to the Zimbra server and then import is using the command line? This is the most critical email store (our CEO) and the last one we have to finish this migration.

It's going to be big problem both for the company, as well as my boss and me if we can't get him done soon

Thanks in advance!