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Thread: 'Data is stale' for old server name, after renaming server

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    Default 'Data is stale' for old server name, after renaming server


    last night I renamed the server (from to, on ZCS Network 6.0.12GA-RHEL4, running on Centos. Now, on the admin web interface, under the 'Server Status', I see both servers. The old name is marked with 'data is stale'. I expected not to see anything related to the old server name. How can I remove this data?


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    I ran into the same issue and I was hoping to find the answer on this thread.. but I found the answer on another.

    I changed my servername with these steps. (I already had DNS/MX duplicated)

    $ su - zimbra
    $ /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmsetservername -force -n <>
    $ /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmsetservername -o <> -n <>

    * This left me with the old <> and <> in the gui monitor/server status section stating all the services where up. After a reboot it still had the two hosts in the monitoring/server status section, but now with the <> data marked as stale.

    The fix:

    $ su - zimbra

    $ zmloggerhostmap

    Zimbra Logger Service Hostname Map

    --------------------- ---------------------
    DNS Hostname Zimbra Hostname
    --------------------- ---------------------
    <> <>
    <> <>

    * notice it still had the old host listed

    $ zmloggerhostmap -d <> <>

    * now it's all back to normal

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