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Thread: Telnet Issue

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    Default Telnet Issue

    Hi experts,

    I have problem to telnet the host-name in private network ( windows and Linux ) systems.
    But Out side or other network ( windows and Linux ) systems telnet is working properly.

    nameserver 192.168.10.X --> zimbra server IP

    192.168.10.X mail

    Error :

    My private network windows system :

    telnet 25 -> get the error message

    telnet 192.168.10.X 25 -> get the proper result (No error)

    How to solve the issue? Kindly help me.

    I am using following version
    Release 7.1.0_GA_3140.RHEL5_20110329150824 CentOS5 FOSS edition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitcza View Post
    telnet 25 -> get the error message[/COLOR]
    When you post a message you should, at the very least, post the actual error message so we can see what the problem is.

    I assume in this case you can't connect to the server? If that's the case then the fact you can't connect via url but you can via the IP address would indicate you have a DNS problem. You should go to the Split DNS article in the wiki and run all the commands in the 'Verify...' section and confirm your settings - that article will tell you exactly what you need to do.


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