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Thread: Zimbra with domains

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    Default Zimbra with domains

    Hello guys,
    I have installed Zimbra on CentOS to do some tests,
    The default domain is

    But I see that mails has going with the address "" and not ""

    The default server on Zimbra Admin Console is "" and I try to put a VirtualHost called only "" but I have no success.

    Anyone with more expertize can help me this?

    Sorry by the bad english
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    You should have renamed the domain when you were asked that question during the installation otherwise it defaults to the FQDN of your server. Go to the wiki (link at the top of this page) and search for the words 'rename domain' - make sure you take a backup before you make any changes to your server.


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    I do one test, I created a new domain with "" and set as default domain, I see that users can log in just typing "username" and this connect on correct account for domain.

    I think this option during Zimbra instalation I dont pay attention, but for now I'm just doing some tests, and I will reinstall all server


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