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Thread: Zimbra Accounts <> Real Email Addresses

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    Default Zimbra Accounts <> Real Email Addresses

    Hello @all,

    I've got a (probably simple) question, but I think I have to discribe the environment first.

    All members of our organization got 'official' email addresses like


    Mails (of my Zimbra-users) are delivered via two relay host to
    "loginname@zimbrahost.dns-domain" :

    [ Firstly: organizational centralized mailrelay, which is resposible for all users "firstname surname" (MX for organizationalMXdomain is pointing to this host).
    Secondly: mta of my department, where all accounts "loginname" are known. Some of these are Zimbra-users, which mails are forwarded to "zimbrahost.dns-domain" (via SMTP, too) ]

    Zimbra-Domain is equal to canonical hostname "zimbrahost.dns-domain", and no MX for zimbrahost.dns-domain exist.

    I didn't configure "organizationalMXdomain" in Zimbra, because only a small part of all users in "organizationalMXdomain" are members of my department an only some of them are Zimbra-users.
    Most of all mails in our organization are delivered to other mta-hosts.

    My Question:

    How can I configure Zimbra to publish only the 'official' addresses

    Normal Mailing works fine. (configuring return address / made some address rewriting in relay hosts)

    The big problem:

    Zimbra uses it's own account names ("loginname@zimbrahost.dns-domain") in appointments for organizer and members. Other (external) Clients see this as email addresses, and are confused because these "addresses" are not working at all (outside my department).

    I tried setting "Display Name" to the official email address, but it has no effect to this matter. (What else could this setting be good for?)

    I think there must be a simple way to resolve this, but i can not realize it.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Have you tried changing the "From" or "Reply To" field within the users Account Preferences?

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    Thanks for your reply!

    I changed "Reply To" with no effect to this matter. The "From" field can not be changed to an 'external' domain name.

    Defining an "Alias" to the official email address is also not possible, because "organizationalMXdomain" is not available within Zimbra.

    Let me point you to this again: Sending and receiving email works fine. The only thing I want to change is: Zimbra must not publish account names in appointments (and GAL, too) at all. Because these are no working email adresses. I want to assign an 'official email address' to each account and tell Zimbra to use only THIS as name instead. Without any change in behaviour of mail routing / domain membership.

    Different ways to solve the resulting problems of this matter could be to make these addresses working (involving postmaster/netmaster of organizationalMXdomain), but my users don't want to have two working addresses for the same thing), and, of course, to set up "organizationalMXdomain" in Zimbra, but this implies deeper changes in Zimbra config ("Split Domain") and may cause trouble with some people using zimbra as productive mail and calendar system while transforming.
    (I really don't want to do this.)

    Is there really no way to set this up with a simple trick?

    If not, I have to go one (or both) of the 'different ways', but I wanted to check this first because it seemed to be easy to implement and I can't imagine that nobody else has a similar environment requesting that.

    Please help me!

    Best regards,
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