Hi all,

Apologize if this has been asked before, as I've tried to find any documentation related to my issue but still can't fine one.

I'm quite new in zimbra and just got a new client where the previous IT guy managed zimbra as the mail server. The SSL certificate is about to expired (godady cert) and since this server is not accessed from external via webmail any longer (user using POP3/IMAP from email client/phone), therefore we plan not to extend the godaddy cert and just using self sign on certificate. We are using ZCS 5.0.6 and also planning to upgrade to version 7.1. My question, is this possible, if I login to the zimbra admin, go to Tools - Certificates - install the self-signed certificate and replace the existing certificate? what will happen with all the users that connect to the mail server? Will the email client complain about the SSL certificate? Users using Tbird and connect to the port 993 and 465

Thank you in advance