We are having 2 different zimbra setup and both are in production and serving to different mail domains. I am going to merge 2 zimbra setup and need help regarding ldap import.
I am planning to import ldap and mail data of Server1 in advance BEFORE the planned downtime on Server 2 to save the downtime.
I can import the dynamic mail data after wards to Server by using zmmailbox command with date query but facing issue with ldap import.
As server2 already having the ldap data of server1 and want to modify the ldap changes in server 2 before activity if incase someone change their password during this period. I am using below comamnd :

ldapadd -x -h `zmhostname` -D uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra -c -w `zmlocalconfig -s -m nokey zimbra_ldap_password` -f /tmp/mail.test.com_2011-05-25.ldif

I tried ldapmodify command with same parameters but no luck...it is not updating the user's CHANGED password.

I deleted the account from ldap by using "zmprov -l da <emailID>".

and again tried to import but still it didnt work... any suggestion ? Is there any specific parameter in ldapmodify to update user's password ?

Please guide.