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    I was demoing zimbra at a prospective client who said collaborative document management is a must. I was never too fond of Zimbra Documents but I thought why not just give it a try. Wrong idea that was, I learned in situ that Documents is gone. The client would want predefined document workflows and ZimbraDoc never had that anyways, so it's no big deal. My question is really this: How do you guys provide advanced document management that integrates well with zimbra? By 'advanced' I mean e.g. review and process workflows, by 'integrates well' I mean ability to file incoming mail and docs (like with sugarcrm zimlet) and ability to email docs (or links to docs). I remember seeing an alfresco zimlet that offered single sign-on and filing capabilities, but its googlecode page does not seem to be active anymore. (...and I don't think EMC would approve of using alfresco anyway))
    Is there anything else (paid or free) I could try? Is there any way to e.g. connect a sharepoint folder as a briefcase? Every suggestion would be very much welcome.

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    What were the results of your findings?

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