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Thread: quota warning to sender

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    Default quota warning to sender

    Hi all.

    I know that zimbra sends an email to the user warning them that their quota is almost in the limit, but sometimes, users do reach that limit.

    People that send them emails don't know that their quota (or that they have one) has been reached and think that the email was successfully delivered.

    Is there any way for making zimbra to send an email back to the sender warning them that the user has reached the quota, and that their email was not received ?



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    When a user have reached his/her quota limit, all incoming mails to him/her are placed in diferred queue waiting for user making space in his/her account. Such mails remains in diferred queue based on bounce queue lifetime parameter retrying to deliver the message, and then its bounced back to sender. If you want to immediately bounce the mail without putting it into diferred queue, you may set the server global config attribute zimbraLmtpPermanentFailureWhenOverQuota to TRUE.


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