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Thread: [SOLVED] Failed to start slapd.

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    Default [SOLVED] Failed to start slapd.

    Greetings to all. after a power failure the Zimbra 7.0.1 won't start:

    Starting ldap...Done.
    Failed to start slapd. Attempting debug start to determine error.
    bdb(cn=accesslog): PANIC: fatal region error detected; run recovery
    bdb_db_close: database "cn=accesslog": txn_checkpoint failed: Invalid argument (22).
    backend_startup_one (type=hdb, suffix="cn=accesslog"): bi_db_open failed! (-30974)
    bdb_db_close: database "cn=accesslog": alock_close failed

    Is there a solution?

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    Do not add your questions to threads that are three years old and marked as 'Solved'.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shalva77 View Post
    Is there a solution?
    Yes there is, try the solution in the thread to which you added this post or one of the other solutions in the forums for this problem. If none of them work you should post full details of the problem including any errors in the log files and which of the solutions you've tried and the results.


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    Solution for Zimbra 7.0.1

    su - zimbra
    cd /opt/zimbra/data/ldap/accesslog/db/

    zmcontrol restart
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