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Thread: [SOLVED] Mobile With Redirect Mode

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    Default [SOLVED] Mobile With Redirect Mode


    I currently have a server with https redirect mode enabled.

    This should not make a difference, but I also have the web servers' apache dameon pushing to I setup servers for small offices, that can only afford one server.

    Also I have zimbra's apache server listening on port 444. This is really important.

    I have commerially signed certificates for name

    The certificates are on and are working properly. For, not I'm testing so I don't have the wild card enabled because I want to make certain everything works before paying a company... Those wild card certs are expensive.

    Here it is. I can not connect a mobile device, through active sync, with SSL enabled because 443 is a COMPLETELY different service, different certificate everything.

    444 is my https port for zimbra.

    I can connect without encryption enabled.

    With redirect mode being enabled is my connection still secured???

    Or do I have to figure out how to make a vertual server for forwarding to Off the top of my head I don't know that I can have https virtual hosts. I'd have to check my cook book.

    As far as my understanding goes, nothing can go over port 80, or in this case 81, with redirect being enabled.

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a responce to this slighly abstract question.


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