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Thread: Outlook IMAP server UID error

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    Default Outlook IMAP server UID error


    After I upgraded my ZCS from 6.x version to 7.x few months ago, I faced the exact the same problem on not many, but few Outlook clients. Beside that, ZCS 7.x works fine, no problems.
    Here is is from my Outlook 2010:

    Your server reported a UID that does not comply with the IMAP 
    standard. This typically indicates a server bug. Your program may 
    not function properly after this.
    MsgSeqNum 35, New UID 40353. Prev UID: 40353, Next UID: 40355.
    	Protocol:	IMAP
    	Port:	143
    	Error Code:	0x800CCCDC
    As one of the problematic Outlooks is also my own machine, I tried all these to solve the problem:
    • deleted IMAP account in Outlook, but no help
    • removed also IMAP.PST store on computer, and recreated new one, but no help
    • remove whole Office 2010, deleted all remaining folders, recreated Outlook profile, account....THIS HELPED

    ...but only for 1 month. Now again I've got this error.
    • Now I changed IMAP port from SSL 993 to TLS 143, but still no help.

    Anybody having such a problems?
    I mean - might it be ZCS server related?

    For all of you, who are having the same problems, here I edited the initial post with key information from the whole thread.

    FIRST, Bug has been reported for this issue:
    Please vote, if you have the same problem!

    SECOND, maybe what you want, possible temporary workaround, which might help in most cases:
    AFAIK, problem is in most cases with one of the mail items in "Trash" or "Drafts". So it might help if you delete those mails in both, webmail and Outlook.
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