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Thread: Hacked account sending spam

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    Default Hacked account sending spam


    We had a user account sending spam through our Zimbra Server 7 server. The server is configured to block account after 10 unsucessully login attempt, but the cracker got the password yet.

    The messages sent by the spammer had sender with different domain configured in Zimbra. Is there any way to block the sending of messages whose sender's domain is not configured in Zimbra?

    Following is the log generated in the spammer login:

    Jun 1 00:17:20 mailserver postfix/smtpd[1075]: connect from unknown[]
    Jun 1 00:17:21 mailserver saslauthd[28352]: zmauth: authenticating against elected url '' ...
    Jun 1 00:17:21 mailserver saslauthd[28352]: zmpost: url='' returned buffer->data='<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""><soap:Header><context xmlns="urn:zimbra"><change token="2393"/></context></soap:Header><soap:Body><AuthResponse xmlns="urn:zimbraAccount"><authToken>0_4a602a3a97f 18a0a88915d014f8da93c32b48002_69643d33363a32313366 393536622d653039622d346437342d626531642d3233363037 366661386665383b6578703d31333a31333037303731303431 3336393b76763d313a313b747970653d363a7a696d6272613b </authToken><lifetime>172800000</lifetime><skin>carbon</skin></AuthResponse></soap:Body></soap:Envelope>', hti->error=''
    Jun 1 00:17:21 mailserver saslauthd[28352]: auth_zimbra: spamuser auth OK
    Jun 1 00:17:21 mailserver postfix/smtpd[1075]: E737B778001: client=unknown[], sasl_method=PLAIN, sasl_username=spamuser

    2011-06-01 00:17:21,327 INFO [btpool0-255://] [ip=;] soap - AuthRequest

    2011-06-01 00:17:21,369 INFO [btpool0-255://] [;ip=;] security - cmd=Auth;; protocol=soap;


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    you should research about the following

    Reject the request when $smtpd_sender_login_maps specifies an owner for the MAIL FROM address, but the client is not (SASL) logged in as that MAIL FROM address owner; or when the client is (SASL) logged in, but the client login name doesn't own the MAIL FROM address according to $smtpd_sender_login_maps.

    man page: Postfix Configuration Parameters
    enableing it may affact ALIASES to send email thru SMTP AUTH, so please test and research before you apply.
    Will fix spammer problem for sure but it mat affact other things

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