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Thread: Zimbra as Edge for exchange

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    Default Zimbra as Edge for exchange


    I would like to know how to setup zimbra to use it as an edge server to use its spam and antivirus solution. Here is how i would to use zimbra :


    So i would like zimbra to accept all mails coming from the internet to, does the av/spam test, and then send it to my internal mail server.

    Any thoughts?


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    If all you want to use Zimbra for is antispam/virus, you should use something like mailscanner or ASSP. They use the same technologies, but are lightweight (compared to Zimbra) and specifically designed to deal with mailscanning
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    Quote Originally Posted by vavai View Post
    su - zimbra
    zmprov md yourdomain zimbraMailCatchAllAddress @yourdomain
    zmprov md yourdomain zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress @yourdomain
    zmprov md yourdomain zimbraMailTransport smtp:exchange.yourdomain
    Note that you don't need to create each user on Zimbra, simply installing Zimbra, applying AS/AV improvement and then run the above command to make Zimbra as front-end/AS-AV for Exchange. Don't forget to set your public MX records highest priority to Zimbra machine.
    Thanks Vavai :

    So the first command will catch all mail for my domain and the third one will transfert all mails for to my internal mail server right?
    But i don't get the second command ^^

    Thanks for your quick responve

    @Krishopper : i have the zimbra server so instead of leaving it on the side i woudl rather use it. but for the futur i'll investigate the ones you gave

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