Hello guys.

First of all I would like to apologize, as I might be creating this thread in wrong subsection of Zimbra forums.

I have Zimbra network edition serving several domains. Users use the calendar sharing feature.

The problem lies in broken calendar sharing for one domain, others are unaffected. The people of this domain have all exported the calendar to each other in manager mode, so everyone could view/manage/edit the calendar of other. It was working great when suddenly the permissions passed away yesterday. User can no longer see the calendar of the other people until they recreate the share. User said that he didn't manipulate with the calendar shares settings and that the share was working for the previous 6 months. Users use this feature via Zimbra web interface.

Any ideas why are permissions gone or what might have happened? Any ideas if the problem is related to server or user problem. If it is a user problem, how could I prove it?

The former share is crossed out as seen on the picture below. When I untick that calendar, it asks me if I wish to remove the share as it is nonexistent.

I haven't found anything useful in logs about this problem. Therefore I would like to ask where could I find something related to calendars?

The zimbra is running on Centos.

Thanks for any hints/answers.