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Thread: Zimbra does not update Exchange Free/Busy information

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    Default Zimbra does not update Exchange Free/Busy information

    Hello all,

    Zimbra 7 and Exchange 2003.

    Zimbra users are able to look up free and busy of Exchange users. Zimbra does not update the free and busy data for the Exchange contact objects associated with Zimbra accounts.

    I have followed the troubleshooting steps here: Troubleshooting Exchange Freebusy Interop - Zimbra :: Wiki

    I have set the logging for free busy to debug.

    Here is some data from the log (the word SERVER replacing production names):

    nothttp:// m.EML

    If I open the link with a browser, I am prompted to logon, which I can do with the same credentials I configured Free and Busy Interopt to use. I get a form that looks like Outlook Web Access.

    I can see the Free and Busy info for my Contact object in a web browser using this address, but it is empty:


    If I click "Check settings" in Free and Busy Interopt, it reports 'check okay.'

    I am using egrep to limit the output in the maillog tail. I've only tried two filter strings (one of which was my user name) and was wondering if there is illuminating data I'm missing.

    I've been told that the legacyExchangeDN configuration can be/is often the issue. I used ADSI to determine my legacyExchangeDN but feel like it could use revisiting. It is configured thus now (real label stripped out):


    I do in fact have the same string as the O and the OU.

    My foreign principal is my e-mail address. My email address and my CN are not the same. Could that be the issue? For example:

    full legacy DN: /O=SERVER/OU=SERVER/cn=Recipients/cn=aliasthatisnotmyaddress

    Ideas appreciated.

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    the 'nothttp' is there because I could not figure how to how to stop the forum from auto apply formatting

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    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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